The Little Aussie That Started It All

I had always had "pet" Dobies, and when my last one died of old age,
friends had an "oopps" litter of Aussie puppies (brother/sister) and they
offered me one. I kept saying no, I wasn't ready. Then one day I went to
their house and there were six of the cutest little Aussie puppies! Two
Black tri's and four red tri's. Well, how can you not fall in love with
Aussie puppies?? One of the little black tri's squirmed through her siblings and
crawled up in my lap and looked me square in the eye and said "I must go
home with you".   Frog was so small and the grass at our lake place was so
tall that she looked like a frog when she was jumping through the grass.
So, Frog she became! We were constantly together for the first two years of
her life, she came to work every day, helped me feed 60 horses and clean stalls before work. She went and got our Sunday paper from the driveway every
Sunday. Well one day it took her a bit longer than the 30 seconds it
normally took so I walked out to the driveway and here she came trotting up
the sidewalk with the neighbor's (4 houses down) Sunday paper as ours hadn't
been delivered!  She was not going to fail her job!!

She was my first performance dog and taught me so much! She had stock
titles in ASCA, AKC and AHBA, obedience (no score lower than 197 �) and even
personal protection, and was a therapy dog. She was 4 months older than my
grandson and they were inseparable. Much to his dismay she would not allow
him to wonder from our camp and would gently but firmly bump him back from
her preconceived perimeter, nor would she allow him to get near the sidewalk
at our house in town.

Well the rest as they say is history! When we moved from California to
Georgia in 2000, Brandon (grandson) said I could go but could Frog stay and
I agreed because a boy needs his dog!

Today at age 15 we had to have Frog put to sleep as her body was failing her
and her quality of life was no longer any good. She will be cremated and
sent back here to lie in the cemetery with our other fur kids. She is at
rest and pain free now running with all the other Aussies at the rainbow
bridge and chasing bunnies to her heart's content.

Thanks for letting me share Frog's story.

August 30, 2008


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