July 1, 2013
Puppy Mush

Pictured at
7 Weeks Old
July 28, 2013
(Puppies shown in birth order,
Names taken from the Thesaurus for "Dream")

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RTF #1

NiteStar's Dreams Do Come True
Staying Here


    Dream's Page


BMF #1

Congratulations to the Anderson's

Pearl's Page
7 Weeks Old



**Congratulations to the Warland Family**


Jewel's Page
7 Weeks Old


BMF #2

NiteStar's Wishing N Hoping
Staying Here

Hope's Page



NiteStar's Undercover Agent

Congratulations Dominique - Belgium

Target's Page


RTF #2

Congratulations Stacie - Washington

I can be Serious or Not  :<)

Gem's Page

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