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AKC/ASCA Ch Navarro's LoveStory of NiteStar, STDs, RS-N, GS-N, JS-N, NAC, NJC, NGC, DNA-CP "Ali"
(Spayed & Retired due to an injury)
HOF CH Paradox Propaganda
CH Moonlight's Symphony in Azure, HS, STDsd, AX, AXJ, RS-E, GS-E, JS-E, HTD-I, HRD-I

Trisha Herring
698 Vinson Road
Fort Valley GA 31030-7212
loveaussie@nitestar.net  *

17 Apr 99, RWB (5 pt Maj), Judge: Mrs. Arlene Davis AKC)
18 Apr 99, RWB (5 pt Maj), Judge: Mr. Joseph Heine (AKC)
8 May 99, RWB, Judge: Dr. Ruby Hertz (AKC)
17 July 99, Winners Bitch (5 pt Maj), Best of Winners & Best  Opposite (over Specials) ,
                    Judge: Ann Atkinson (ASCA)
28 Aug 99, Winners Bitch & Best Opposite, Judge: Roz Durham (ASCA)
9 Sep 99, Winners Bitch & Best Opposite Sex, Judge: Ms. Sulie Greedale-Paveza (AKC)
9 Sep 99, Puppy Extravaganza (AKC)
                   Best of Breed Puppy, Judge: Ms. Sulie Greedale-Paveza
                   Puppy Group Four, Judge: Mr. Ernest Lloyd
12 Sep 99, Delta ASF Nationals Pre-Show; 2 of 28,  9-12 Bitches, Judge: Ms. Terri Morgan
13 Sep 99, ASRV Nationals Pre-Show; 3rd of 30, 9-12 Bitches, Judge: Ms. Marie Murphy
13 Nov 99, Winners Bitch & Best Opposite Sex, Judge: Mr Carl Anderson (AKC)
31 Dec 99;Winners Bitch  (5 pt Maj),  Best of  Winners, Judge: Eileen Petros (ASCA)
2 Jan 00; Winners Bitch  (5 pt Maj),  Best of Winners, Judge: Meryl Parreira (ASCA)
16 Apr 00, Winners Bitch, (3 pt Maj), Judge: Eileen Pimlot (AKC)
22 Apr 00, Winners Bitch, .Best Of Winners/Best Opposite Sex, Judge: Judith Goodin (AKC)
13 May 00, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners & Best of Breed, over Nationally Ranked BIS Specials
                    (5 pt Maj), Judge:  Ms. Sandi Wheat (AKC)
14 May 00, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners &Best of Breed, over Nationally Ranked BIS Specials 
                    (4 pt Maj), Judge: Ms. Betty Jo Patrick (AKC)
15 July 00, Greater Atlanta ASC, Best Opposite Sex,  (ASCA)
25 Aug 00, Best Opposite Sex, Judge: Eileen Pimlot (AKC)
10 Oct 00,  2000 ASCA Nationals Pre-Show; FASA, PREMIER BITCH,
Judge: Ms Carol Hartnagle Madsen 
2 Dec 00,  Best Opposite Sex, Tennessee ASC, Judge: Ms. Robette Johns (ASCA)
10 Mar 01, Best of Breed, GAASC, Judge: Margaret Shappard
11 Mar 01, Best of Breed, GAASC, Judge: Mary Gattone
26 May 02, New Herding Title - ASCA Started Sheep - STDs
6 July 02, First Place, and First Agility Leg in Jumpers (ASCA & NADAC), Judge: Ron Young
28-29 Sep 02, 10 Runs: 8 Qualifying; 2 Firsts, 3 Seconds, 1 Third, 4 New Titles (ASCA & NADAC),; Jumpers & Gamblers  Judges: Pamela Bryant-Meeks & Morene Brown
12-13 Oct 02, 4 Runs: 3 Qualifying; 2 Firsts, 1 Second and 2 New Titles ;(ASCA & NADAC), Regular Standard  Judges: Dwayne Bonkers & Sarah Fix



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